health HQ : Launching an Industry Platform!

The health industry is perhaps the most important one among a long list of industries as it matters to the core of humanity’s lifestyle and peoples’ wellbeing and is one of the main indications for their standard of living. When health is an issue, comfort ceases to be taken for granted; instead, it becomes a highly desired and hardly reached state of being inside the human experience.

Over the past several decades, thanks to improved diagnostic and therapeutic options, healthcare has experienced an explosion of innovations designed to improve life expectancy and quality of life. The ongoing innovations in diagnostic technology, pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, and medical devices have not only brought benefits and profits to businesses, but they have also contributed to the wellbeing of people everywhere.

Our mission is to serve the health industry by launching a cutting-edge industry platform acting as a ‘headquarters’ for both businesses & consumers! health HQ shall be much more than a magazine as it will include directories, research, a portal and focused digital / online services as well as a mobile app.

Nurturing Healthier Communities! Since 1986

Since 1986, Arab Health (AH)* magazine served the Medical, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, and Nutrition sectors in the MENA region. Building on this rich heritage & expertise, AH evolved to health HQ in order to better reflect its mission as well as its global reach which is not limited to the Arab / MENA region.  The magazine shall be published monthly in digital format whereby portal shall be updated with cutting-edge and useful content on a daily basis.

What shall separate and distinguish health HQ from the rest can be summarized in the following:

  • health HQ will provide its subscribers with in-depth coverage of latest high-quality news, information, interviews, top 5 lists and data pertaining to health industry.
  • health HQ will reinstate itself as a focal point where industry professionals & health-conscious consumers meet their needs.
  • health HQ will be a vital link between international manufacturers, producers, exporters, importers & agents / resellers in the B2B industry and your ideal partner whether you wish to gain accurate and up-to-date insight on the health industry or to gain maximum exposure to your company’s products and services.
  • health HQ will be a holistic platform with a 360° coverage of the health industry via its various media types and mobile app as well as its social media channels.

health HQ portal provides insight for its audience into the health industry through a combination of latest news and trends, innovative technologies, country reports, and events coverage. Delve into the world of health where current and archived issues of health HQ magazine are freely available to registered users in three formats (html, flash, and pdf e-book).

* AH was first published by CPH World Media in 1986, however it was suspended late 1993 due to the Gulf war and was relaunched in 2006 under the name of Arab Health World (AHW) to avoid confusing it with Arab Health event taking place in Dubai. In 2009 AHW’s name was changed yet again to MENA Health World (MHW) to enable participation & bonus distribution in the aforementioned event. In 2012, MHW was suspended in the aftermath of the Arab Spring until it was relaunched under the new brand health HQ.