Hospital & Medical Equipment

Reanimed Healthcare Witnesses Success

ReaniMed Healthcare with its specialized engineering team, experienced over 20 years is continuously extending its activities and product range, in order to cover the demands of the clients in a most perfect manner according to accepted European standards. Being a company with its head office in Istanbul, right in the middle of Europe and Asia, ReaniMed has established its manufacturing facilities based on the best Know-How and realizes with great success the design, production, sales, installations and after sale services. ReaniMed Limited is specialized on furnishing of Turn-Key Clinics, Operating Theatres and Care Units. Medical Gas Systems and Equipment such as Pendant Arms, Surgical Control Panels, Laminar Flow Units, Surgical Scrubs and Automatic Doors are manufactured. Various

Product Focus

Wallach Surgical Devices: Doing Good

Wallach Surgical Devices TruLightT ZoomScopeT Colposcope Continuous zoom magnification from 4x to 20x allows viewing the area of concern at the highest magnification without over or undersizing the viewing field. Unique overhead suspension arm allows for optimal unobstructed access to the examination site. Further, the ZoomScopeT includes NikonT optics so the image is extremely bright and clear. With the New TruLightT LED lighting system images are brighter and more true to color. Each TruLightT colposcope has a seven year warranty and does not require light bulbs. The product is available with USB camera video option. Wallach Surgical Devices is known for innovation in medical technology. The company's commitment to safe, economical medical devices of the highest quality has


Laboratory and Medical Devices: Steam Sterilizing Autoclaves

ICOS Impianti Group Spa, an Italian Company which has been operating for over 30 years in the field of biological laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical and medical devices, has recently launched its new range of autoclaves called LSA. Designed in compliance with the strictest international safety standards and built using only high quality components and branded materials, they turn out to be aesthetically pleasant, safe and efficient. LSA autoclaves are available in two versions, with one or two doors, and capacity ranging from 430 to 1250 liters. Work programs, test services and optional functionalities included in the operating system, managed through a PC touch-screen, make the sterilizer LSA an ideal device for the pharmaceutical and laboratory sector. The steam necessary for the

Stringent Paperless Process Documentation for Labs

INTEGRA has announced that its MEDIACLAVE 10/30 media preparation systems have been upgraded to provide all the necessary tools to support the most stringent process documentation and validation needs. More and more laboratories rely on electronic process documentation to avoid costs associated with paper use and

Endoscopy "an Advanced Market"

Endoscopic equipment has been a revolutionary work in achievement of surgical procedures with minimal invasion. Apart from use in various types of surgeries, endoscopy equipments are now also being used for non-surgical applications in the form of internal diagnostic tool and even for anatomical observations. Due to