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Evonik announces closing of LACTEL® Absorbable Polymers acquisition from DURECT

Evonik has closed its previously announced acquisition of the LACTEL® Absorbable Polymers product line from DURECT Corporation on December 31, 2020. All DURECT employees associated with the LACTEL® business in Birmingham, Alabama, US, accepted the offer to join Evonik in similar roles. “The acquisition of the LACTEL® business will strengthen both our innovation growth field Healthcare Solutions and Evonik’s position as a globally leading CDMO for drug delivery solutions”, says Johann-Caspar Gammelin, Head of the Nutrition & Care Division of Evonik. The acquisition of the LACTEL® business marks a consequential step in the growth agenda of the life-science division Nutrition & Care. The LACTEL® business will complement Evonik’s own RESOMER® line of polymers, both being among the most

New Data On Probi Defendum® Confirms Probiotics Supporting The Immune System

In one of the largest immune studies, Probi Defendum® confirms beneficial effect in supporting the immune system in fighting viral common colds. While many people are trying to reduce their exposure towards bacteria and viruses these days, it is important to stress that many microbes are essential for good health – and

Health myths debunked

Old wives’ tales have been around for as long as we can remember. As children, we were regularly informed that not eating our bread crusts would mean we wouldn’t get curly hair, or if we walked under a ladder then we’d have bad luck. Of course, the likes of ‘step on a crack, break your back’ saying isn’t exactly a fact, but what other concepts do we sometimes follow and believe? Here, we look at some myths which involve your health. Soap in bed As the myth goes, if you place a bar of soap under your bed sheets, you’ll relieve muscle cramps, especially in your lower legs. While those who perform this method stand by it, there is no plausible or scientific explanation that has been given to suggest that this actually does work. However, if you suffer from lower leg cramps, it’s probably

Intermittent Fasting: A Safe and Effective Diet

Intermittent fasting: is a pattern of eating that focuses on alternating cycles of fasting and eating. The main focus during intermittent fasting is not on the calorie consumption, but on the timing of consumption. When doing it one most focus on having healthy low-calorie meals, since having high calorie and high fat
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Ocular Manifestations of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on the world is evident. While there is still a lot that is unknown about the virus, experts are working diligently to find explicit evidence on how the virus behaves. During the early stages, the emergence of the Novel Coronavirus raised concerns across many health sectors. As the virus spread globally, the list of associated symptoms expanded as well, which further raised a lot of questions among the public about how the virus affects the host. One of the reoccurring concerns during the peak of the pandemic was the connection between eye health and COVID-19. With the proximity of eye health professionals to patients during eye examinations and reports that the virus could cause conjunctivitis and could be transmitted directly through the eye, ophthalmologists were

A Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy, Reversing Your Shape and Self-Esteem

A wild roller coaster of emotions often accompanies life after childbirth, including dissatisfaction with the body’s ability to return to its pre-pregnancy shape. One to two years after having a baby, 86 percent of women say their belly still hasn’t returned to normal, according to a study interviewing more than 7,000
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Innovative Reflector Light with LEDs

The new F Generation combines proven reflector technology with the newest LED technology. In contrast to other technologies, the light beams are mixed within the light head.

Data Shows Patient Benefit of Surgical Theater

IMRIS has recently reported on the presentation of preliminary results of the first randomized trial that studied the resection of low-grade insular glioma using high-field intraoperative MR imaging.

Reanimed Healthcare Witnesses Success

ReaniMed Healthcare with its specialized engineering team, experienced over 20 years is continuously extending its activities and product range, in order to cover the demands of the clients in a most perfect manner according to accepted European standards.

The High-Growth Market

The major factors driving the growth of the In-Vitro Diagnostic Market is augmented patient awareness, patient self testing, and rising baby booming population across the globe.
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Wallach Surgical Devices: Doing Good

Wallach Surgical Devices TruLightT ZoomScopeT Colposcope Continuous zoom magnification from 4x to 20x allows viewing the area of concern at the highest magnification without over or undersizing the viewing field.

Rising Healthcare Costs Shaping Market

The global connected health and wellness devices market is expected to reach USD612 billion by 2024, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc.

Pharmacies take the lead in Germany

According to Euromonitor International, the consumer health market in Germany remains highly fragmented. The market is characterized by a high level of innovation and a significant number of new players entering the market.
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Expired patents in asthma therapeutics hinder sales

The global asthma therapeutics market accounted for USD 20.7 billion as of 2015 and is anticipated to exhibit a sluggish growth rate of 2.2% over the forecast period, according to Grand View Research. This is attributed to the generic erosion faced by leading brands, such as Advair and Symbicort.

Autism treatment market is far from saturated

2.1 million children and adults now live with autism, according to Red Newswire. Yet, few therapies exist to treat this disease-just a few medications and ABA (applied behavioral analysis) programs.


110 French companies will be exhibiting at the largest health show in the Middle East, 30 of them will be in Dubai for the first time. For the 2019 edition of the French pavilion, Business France, the agency supporting the international development of the French economy will launch the French Healthcare brand, an innovative initiative aimed at bringing together French companies, researchers, and healthcare professionals to jointly promote their activities internationally. On display across 1,000 square meters, French expertise will embrace a wide range of fields: from orthopedics to rehabilitation, sterilization, waste treatment, remote medicine solutions, furniture and equipment for hospitals, implantable medical devices, medical measuring instruments. The collective brand French



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